Storytelling – The West Wing Whirlwind

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by Jan Sonneveld and Rune Kier This story was first published on the blog of generous Vital Speeches of the Day, David Murray. Later at Ian Griffins Professionally Speaking. And last at Jan Sonneveld’s blog and recently published on my LinkedIn profile. Since then both Jan Sonneveld and I have won a Cicero Speechwriting Award 2014, so I thought it appropriate to share our inspiration once again. I hope you don’t mind. Storytelling – The West Wing Whirlwind Myth has it that a TV series made possible the presidency of Barack Obama. An apparently Latino presidential candidate Matthew Santos (played by Jimmy Smits) inspired Obama’s story: a largely unknown minority congressman, running on a liberal platform, breaking all expectation to become President. Obama followed his fictional friend two years later – or did it follow him? In stories reality and fiction are hard to...

Behind the Living Fire

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This is a storify I made of the research process and afterlife of one speech – A Green Glow to the Land of the Living Fire. It was given by Minister for Climate Energy and Building, Martin LIdegaard (now Foreign Affairs) at a meeting in Romania and refers to the romanian ‘focul viu’ – or ‘the living fire’ of burning gasses rising from the ground. The speech was later published in Vital Speeches International.   [View the story “A Green Glow in Romania” on...

Behind the Subtle Level

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This is a storify my friend Trine made of the afterlife of one speech – The More Sublte Level of Discrimination. It was given by Copenhagen City Councillor Neil Stenbæk Bloem at the Intercultural Cities Milestone Event “Making Diversity Work for Cities”, Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 7, 2013. It was published in Vital Speeches International april 2013.   [View the story “Neil Stenbæk Bloems Dublin Speech” on...