Climate, Sarah and the Story of two Cicero Awards

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This is a Storify I made to try to give a little background and life story to the speech that won me two Cicero Speechwriting Awards. I think many poeple fail to grasp the reflection and analysis that goes into making a good speech and this is vague attempt to make it more evident. [View the story “Climate, Sarah and the Story of a Cicero Award” on Storify]

Danish climate speech wins international award

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Now here is a blog post I never thought I should write… I just won two Cicero Speechwriting Awards 2014 in the categories Government and Environment/Energy/Sustainability… just: wow… I am the first Danish speechwriter ever to win any. Climate Change and the Story of Sarah I wrote the speech Climate Change and the Story of Sarah for former Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building (now Foreign Affairs), Martin Lidegaard. The speech is written for an international conference on reproductive health May 23, 2013 in Copenhagen. That means that the audience consists of doctors and medical scientists. It also means that the Ministry does not have an office or a department expert who knows about reproductive health. It is not our normal area of expertice. That is why I was given rather free hand to structure an argument according to the ministers wishes. And to use...

Storytelling – The West Wing Whirlwind

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by Jan Sonneveld and Rune Kier This story was first published on the blog of generous Vital Speeches of the Day, David Murray. Later at Ian Griffins Professionally Speaking. And last at Jan Sonneveld’s blog and recently published on my LinkedIn profile. Since then both Jan Sonneveld and I have won a Cicero Speechwriting Award 2014, so I thought it appropriate to share our inspiration once again. I hope you don’t mind. Storytelling – The West Wing Whirlwind Myth has it that a TV series made possible the presidency of Barack Obama. An apparently Latino presidential candidate Matthew Santos (played by Jimmy Smits) inspired Obama’s story: a largely unknown minority congressman, running on a liberal platform, breaking all expectation to become President. Obama followed his fictional friend two years later – or did it follow him? In stories reality and fiction are hard to...

The European Union has no idea!

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This piece was first published on OPEN Democracy 7/1 2013. Forget better communication or a radical change in its course of action: what the EU really needs is a big, bold idea to move forward. “If you think you lack words, what you really lack are ideas”. That is what I took away from a lecture by the father of framing, George Lakoff. I think about it every time I see the debate over the EU polarising into framing versus action. Take this exchange: some say the EU should just communicate better and others say it should act radically differently. It is really quite sad, because actions and framing can’t be separated and they both emerge logically from the ideas we pursue. That is why, when José Manuel Barroso is seeking guidance on where to go big and where to go small, he too should look to the level of ideas. If we have a clear idea about where we want to go, we can...

The European Dream is based on an ‘Equals around a table’- metaphor

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This piece was first published in Social Europe Journal 28/11 2013. The EU – In need of a new narrative European Commission President José M. Barroso is searching for a new European Union narrative. As I have argued elsewhere, the EU needs a dream of the Martin Luther King Jr.-type if it wants to stay relevant for the European population. I agree with Barroso in seeing the EU’s lack of a positive vision as a threat to its democratic legitimacy by low public anticipation, participation and appreciation. Eurosceptics stand strong because the union has failed to arm its allies. At the moment the European Union is without a clear vision to mobilise and engage the public leaving its allies vulnerable to strategies of ‘divide and conquer’. The lack of vision gives rise to xenophobia, ethnic tension and conflicts between rich and poor. Yet the European dream has strong potential for a social...

Speech – Oil and Gas on the Green Scale

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I wrote this speech to Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard to be given at Oil Gas Summit, Oil and Gas Denmark, Copenhagen, September 10, 2013. The speech was published in Vital Speeches International december 2013.    Oil and Gas on the Green Scale Almost every day I am asked by the media or ordinary citizens: How can Denmark, one of the most ambitious green front runners of the world, at the same time pursue to be an active and ambitious explorer and producer of oil and gas? And let me also start my keynote today by addressing that crucial question. In Denmark we don’t see the two ambitions as contradicting each other. We see them as preconditions to each other. In Denmark we have broad political backing for using the Danish resources of oil and gas to the largest possible extent. Denmark is an oil and gas producing country and we will use that to...